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James Francis Murphy BA Politics (failed)’s sharply honed political instincts are being borne out. He told us there would be a late surge in Labour’s vote, and he’s right. There is indeed a late surge in the Labour vote, it’s just the surge is in the opposite direction from the one he was hoping for. On Monday another Scottish opinion poll was published, showing that the SNP are on 52%, yes you did read that right, and the Greens on 3%. That’s an increase of 6% in the SNP’s vote share, and a corresponding drop of 6% in Labour’s. Some projections based on these figures would leave Labour with just two seats in Scotland, neither of which would be Jim Murphy’s. Fears and smears end in tears Jim, and now all your base are belong to us.

If this poll is right, then 55% of the Scottish vote is going…

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