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Well that was some weekend! On Friday night when stories were starting to come through that ‘Nicola Sturgeon would prefer a Tory Government’, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking “what on earth is this?” In fact, it only took about an hour for the Tory-supporting Telegraph’s story (a leaked memo recording an alleged conversation between the First Minister and the French Consul) to be debunked, when all the participants in a third-hand conversation said that no such comments had been made. This didn’t stop Labour, though. Within minutes they were gleefully communicating this message in order to try and smear the First Minister, just as social media was tearing the story apart. The spectacle of all sorts of Labour members now deleting these messages will go down as one of the defining social media moments of the campaign. Out on the campaign trail in Perthshire, people were genuinely horrified…

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