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Polly Toynbee, doyen of the Islington Labouristas and one time cheerleader for Tony Blair and Gordie Broon, has ventured north of the M25 and come to visit Scotland – and it’s not even the Embra Festival. There’s true dedication to the cause of writing apologias for you, or is that apologii. Anyway, in the opinion of Polly, Scotland’s about to drift off from the Union, sailing off into a state of independence almost by accident. She takes two conclusions from this, firstly that Scotland drifting off into independence is a very bad thing, and therefore following on from this as a natural logical consequence, it must all be the fault of the Tories. And there was you and me thinking that it was all Alicsammin’s fault, because everything else usually is.

Polly complains that David Cameron has never governed for a united kingdom, but instead has implemented policies which benefit…

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