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The next battle for Scotland

A wee Sovereign Scot

War the battle for Scotland JPEG

Don’t be fooled by the noise that’s been coming from Westminster. They talk about the Smith Commission as if it’s the way to get the Scots back in their box.  This “throw them a bone” politics is as far as Westminster is prepared to go without being pushed. What you are in fact seeing is a single battle – the taking of hill number 436 if you like in a greater war about the ultimate control of Scotland and its resources and a way to silence the “troublesome Scots” for another generation.

A panicked mistake was made by three party leaders in an underhanded attempt at preventing Scotland from voting yes, in doing so they, with the help of Gordon Brown and the Labour allied newspaper “The Daily Record” made promises they had no intention of keeping.  In other words they constructed a lie not a vow.  And let’s not…

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