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The penny may never drop

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I attended an Independence debate last night. It wasn’t as much the debate that got me thinking, it was a confrontation I saw at the door on the way out that sparked my interest.

A guy was handing out copies of The Wee Blue Book, a woman and a local Tory Councillor charged over in a rage. “You can’t hand things out here, it was agreed with the SNP, no leafleting!” The guy handing out the books tried to explain that he had nothing to do with the SNP and had just done it off his own bat. The woman couldn’t be convinced, she was SNP this, SNP that. It was then that the penny dropped, she genuinely doesn’t realise what is happening in this country. I thought back to Jim Murphy going on about a coordinated attack against him, he’s not figured it out either.


People in this country…

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