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Pride and prejudice

Wee Ginger Dug

Well that’s us telt then. According to a new opinion poll, a large majority of voters in England want to dock Scotland’s pocket money and send us to bed without any Barnett supper. Over half the respondents wanted Scottish public spending to be cut to the UK average in the event of a No vote. The newspaper reviewers on Sky News discussed the story and all agreed that it was a massive blow for Alicsammin. It’s the default position on all Scottish news stories.

I’ll summarise the rest for you:

“Naughty Caledonians, naughty. No Great British pudding for you lot, oh no. You’ll have had your jam. It’s terribly unfair that Scotland gets more money and all those free universities on prescription. Everyone knows you only have to swan into a Scottish university and they’re throwing free drugs at you. They’ll even look after your granny for free – and…

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