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The One Who Cannot Be Mentioned has mentioned the independence referendum. It’s not that I don’t want Tony Blair to come back, I do, preferably in handcuffs. But he’s come back minus the handcuffs and he’s backing a No vote, like anyone is surprised. Giving a lecture for some think tank in an expensive hotel in London, his speech expressed his fears about what his own party might do, not his fears about what the Tories might do. In Tony’s universe, you must not base your politics on how you want the world to be, Tony thinks that’s delusional. If Keir Hardie and Robert Cunningham Graham had believed that, they’d never have founded the Scottish Labour party in the first place.

For Tony politics is about managing the expectations of the voters downwards. And in this he richly succeeded, our expectations get lower and lower with every passing vote. But…

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