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There’s new game in the referendum campaign, spot the missing celebrity, the name that’s missing from the List of No Fame. So where is HE then? You know, him, the Great Unmentionable One. Care must be taken not to utter his name because if you say it three times in a row he’ll come back to haunt you.

The No campaign are extremely fond of their celebrity endorsements. We’ve heard from just about everyone, from Janette Krankie and John Barrowman, thon Canadian actor who does a convincing Scottish accent if you don’t have a Scottish accent yourself, via JK Rowling and Bowie, and passing through every UK politician you’ve ever heard of and hundreds that you’ve not, to Obama and – allegedly – the Pope. The only global celebrities they’ve not dragged out so far are the Dalai Lama, and He Who Must Not Be Mentioned.

It’s pretty obvious why…

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