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How do you respond to blithering idiocy without descending into idiocy yourself? It’s a difficult question, and one which is regularly posed to independence supporters. Anger at the shit-stirring proclivities of mainstream journalists itself becomes murphed into the ‘abuse’ of poor Unionist commentators who have a god-given right to spew lying bile in a crude and transparent attempt to mislead and misdirect, and it becomes a tale of evil bullying nationalists and not a tale of a journalist who traduces his profession.

Tom Brown is described by the Record as a “legendary political commentator”. Judging by his latest jaw-dropping piece, that would be legendary in the sense of mythical monsters. Tom’s article was replete with myths and monsters, disguised as a serious intervention in the referendum debate. It was a string of insults disguised as facts. Baseless fears disguised as evidence. It was infantile crap even by the standards…

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