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Wee Ginger Dug

Jack McConnell wants us to vote No in order to preserve “Home Rule”. That would be the home rule that doesn’t give you control over your own home, the home rule that lumbers you with a Trident lodger you can’t evict even though it spews radioactive waste all over your Firth of Clyde patio and pisses plutonium particles in your petunia bed. You still get sent to bed while the grown ups from the EU come to visit, you’re certainly not allowed out on the international stage yourself – they’re keeping your passport.

Scotland still won’t get enough home rule to prevent one fifth of its citizens from living in relative poverty. Supervision isn’t cheap you know, someone’s got to pay. But we have to keep the rich sweet. London needs to be a global city or there’s no home rule for you, and London needs a shiny new train set…

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