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John Reid, before he got a peerage for services to Tony Blair, insisted on being called Dr Reid. Now he’s Dr Frankenstein Lord John Reid Baron of Warmongering UKOK – and he’s very upset that nasty independence supporters are abusing poor defenceless politicians. The abuse here is not a reference to John being felt up in a dark alley by a strange man who’s offered him a bagful of security consultancy sweeties, he’s complaining that people are saying rude things about him. Like calling him Dr Frankenstein Baron of Warmongering, or wondering aloud if you can barge your way through to the front of a crowd at the scene of an accident shouting ‘let me through I once wrote a thesis on the slave trade in 18th century Nigeria’.

John wrote a thesis on the evils of the Atlantic slave trade in the 18th century, which saw millions of people…

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