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Ok, time to be calm and tranquil after yesterday’s traumas. It’s all a bit eek at times this independence campaign isn’t it. Every day the no campaign manages to find a new way of insulting your intelligence. There can be no nation on the face of this planet which has been collectively patronised as comprehensively as Scotland is being patronised by the UK media. It wouldn’t be so bad if the UK media was inhabited by sage geniuses and wise elders, but it’s actually populated by shrieking hysterics and navel gazers whose sole claim to intellectual and moral superiority is that they are commenting on venal and self-serving UK politicians and a kleptomaniac business class.

And they’re still at it. A new ogre has entered the scare story steeplechase as several of the existing monsters fell at the fence of public opinion, broke their legs and had to be shot…

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