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Auld Acquaintance

Those of us who are following the various debates and news reports, desperately looking for information on the Scottish Independence referendum, find ourselves more often than not trying glean impartiality somewhere between the Devil and the BBC.

Impartiality is something which is in very short supply,but this is fairly understandable as we are asked to firmly come down on either a YES or NO decision.
Given that there is no alternative on offer, even if the NO side are suggesting that there could be, sometime, some place in some alternative universe. Devo Max/Mini or More Devo tomorrow, is more like Devo Not on your Nelly.
The pro union parties conclusively rejected any such thing appearing on the ballot, so forget it, it is not an option.
We are are asked, Yes or NO, and that is what we must decide on.

I make no secret or bones about it, I…

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