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The Kezia Dugdale Show.

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  1. Robert Graham said:

    well couldn’t sleep so jumped on to get the latest news a good read by the way your blog ! now the BBC anyone else notice and i will try to track down the page anyway i was searching for information about sundays protest and i clicked on a site with the BBC in the background with a photo record of a previous demo 2 years ago also at the BBC well at the top of the page it said sundays demo was off and no further ones were planed until September anyone any info on that one ? i will try to get a link if it wasn’t a joke its black opps at it again you know i would have never believed the depths these people get to when distorting the truth its like something out of a hollywood movie my how my eyes have been opened and i really don’t like what i am seeing this is serious stuff and slowly things are dawning on me falling into place if you like i really don’t have a clue what this lot will do next and i am going to try and volunteer to become a observer at my local count i don’t trust this lot not to tamper with the result and i just wonder if the result has already been determined with only a few details to be tided up oh well the msn are not going to investigate anything i would have thought at least one reporter would have the balls to stand up and admit this is wrong what’s going on oh well just a thought

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