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So where shall we go today on our journey to independence? There’s Jeremy Paxman and his conviction that we’re only considering independence because we hate the English, UKIP’s Scottish MEP for Kensington Jibberjabber the Hutt has been jibberjabbering about getting a Yes vote overturned because he’s in love with neverendums, or it’s tempting to have a bit of a dig at the BBC’s favourite archaeologist who’s been making windswept claims that Scottish people are sleepwalking into independence – when in fact we’re paying attention to the independence debate, it’s just his programmes we sleep through.

But the news today is news that the Scottish media, particularly its Pacific Quay branch, has decided hasn’t happened at all. On Sunday there was a demonstration outside the BBC’s Scottish headquarters at the end of what can only be described as a disastrous week for the Mickey Mouse McCorporation and its McDonaldsification of the…

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