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The No campaign is determined to focus on economics. No matter what the issue, it’s going to be spun into the political equivalent of the guy displaying his bum crack in a dodgy repair shop who sucks his teeth and says “Oh It’s gaunnie cost ye” before reeling off an incomprehensible list of suction flange regulators, pre-pressed titanium carburettor sprongs, and something that sounds like a sex aid which may be combined with a bum crack in ways which are still illegal in some US states. All of which is going to be ruinously expensive, and really not orgasmic at all. You only wanted a new headlamp, but now you realise that you’ll have to convert your car to left hand drive in order to get one. It will be off the road for months, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the parts from the Brussels office. EU regulations mate…

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