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Since the negativity isn’t working, Davie Cameron has come to visit for two days, painted his face orange to blend in with Scotland’s last remaining North Britons, and wants to tell us all about oomph. Davie the Oomphaloompa promises that his bar of chocolate substitute really does contain the golden ticket to the Willie Wanker’s Devo Factory. This is what passes for a positive case for the union in case anyone was wondering. If we vote no we’ll get a bar of his special oomphy chocolate, and can open it up to find a big devo surprise.

There’s one chance in 1.5 trillion of it actually containing any devo, or even any chocolate. More likely it will contain a letter from Iain Duncan Smith saying your chocolate ration has been removed because you refused the offer of a zero hours contract. Davie’s not promising devomax then, just oomph, which is…

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