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Monday was a bank holiday, so it was a slow news day. We got treated to mair pish from the Guardian, another jokey wee article spunkily poking unfunniness at the audacity of provincials who think they can make grown up decisions. From the publication which gave us 76 reasons to make snide pretend apologies to Scotland, it’s suggestions for a new name for a new Scottish currency from Tim Dowling, an American journalist now living in London. Snide remarks about buckie, bawbags and boak filed under politics. Seeing as how he’s American, he thinks being told his copy is spunky is a compliment. In Scotland we know that means it’s the product of a wank.

Spunky Tim clearly didn’t get the memo, we’re going to use the pound. Scotland was playing a game of currency chicken with Westminster, and they blinked first. That gemme is already a bogie…

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