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Iain Macwhirter

Last week, YouGov recorded its highest Yes vote yet, at 42% after don’t knows were excluded. No has a comfortable lead at 58%. But more worrying for Better Together, YouGov confirmed that many Scots still don’t believe the Chancellor’s claim that” if Scotland walks away from the UK it walks away from the pound”. 45% still think there will be a monetary union after independence against 38% who think Scotland will lose the pound. Voters also seem to be defying the scare that Scotland would be thrown out of Europe if it votes Yes. 46% believe Scotland would remain a member of the EU, according to YouGov, against 32% who think not.

This is serious stuff. A credibility gulf appears to be swallowing the two key issues on which the No campaign chose to fight this battle: Europe and the Pound. The attempt to threaten Scots with economic ruin and…

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