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Wee Ginger Dug

Shee that fuckn Alicshammin. Shee whit he’sh fuckn cawin ush noo? Fuckn nation a fuckn drunksh sho we ur. At’sh whit he sayed aye, sayed so in the Shcotshman. Mush be true. He’sh been at the voddie wi his pal Vlad… Naaaw shtraightup. You cawin me a liar pal?

Whit you laffin fur? Dae you no know who ah mur? Dae ye? Right. A’m a fuckn MP so fuckn shutit.

Haw Jim, Jim … shee’sh ush wan o thae boatles err. Naawww, the super stremf cider ya clown. Nane a that fuckn Newton Merrns wine wank.

Right, noo, fuckn shutit, where wis ah …

Cannae haud his wine that Alicsammin. Caws hissel Scottish. Cannae haud his wine. Fuckn hate im. He’ll no fuckn tell me ah’ve hud enough. Nation a drunks ma erse. Fuckn Alicshammin.

Gie’s another wan ae thae boatles err.

He waants tae make us pey mair…

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