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Preparation Hate

Wee Ginger Dug

I’m sick of this mince. Heartily pissed off, fed up, and growing increasingly angry. A short while back there were reports that the Better Together campaign was having meetings to rethink its failing strategy. A few weeks have passed, and it turns out that the new strategy is the same as the old strategy, just more of it. Fears, scares, slurs, threats, hypocrisy, attacks on alicsammin, and transparent psychological projection. The same as before, just at greater volume and with greater frequency.

Project Fear is not talking Scotland’s language. They’re the stereotypical British tourist abroad, thinking that they can make the natives understand English by speaking in a loud voice. Their blank incomprehension is met with SHOUTING MORE LOUDLY.

Already this week we’ve had Alicsammin being besties with Vlad, the accusation he’s threatening to block international access to Norwegian waters in a fit of pique, wee Wullie Hague…

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