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The Guardian’s golfing correspondent, Sevvie Bull-As-Stories, has been at it again, trying to hit Scottish independence into the long grass with a mighty whack from his Pinocchio nose. According to Sevvie, who is rapidly acquiring a reputation as the Alan Cochrane of Islington Towers, evil alien lizard overlord Alicsammin has threatened to turn his death ray on the poor EU’s fishing rights, leaving Brussels cowering in terror at his shameful piscine bullying.

In the clickbait that constituted Sevvie’s article, Alicsammin threatened to exclude 12 EU member states from Scottish fishing waters if an independent Scotland is excluded from the EU. Sevvie cherry picked parts of the speech Alicsammin delivered in Bruges on Monday in order to make out that he was threatening devastation for the rest of the EU if they don’t grant Scotland membership. It’s possibly the first time that we’ve seen trolling and trawling simultaneously, at…

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