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Auld Acquaintance

As we approach the Easter weekend and the most significant time in the Christian calendar, my thoughts have been divided between David Cameron proclaiming to all his Christian faith and the matter of Scots Independence.

It is a strange old mix I grant you, but let me explain why these two seemingly diverse subjects are related.

When David Cameron addressed church leaders in England in his Easter address proclaiming “Jesus invented the Big Society 2,000 years ago; I just want to see more of it,” I very nearly spilled my Laphroig over my shortbread. What on earth was he blethering on about? Comparing himself to Christ, and setting on an evangelical path which mirrored the likes of those Christian warmongers Bush and Blair? In what way could he possibly claim the upper moral ground with his governments policies?

In fact what would Christ make of being associated with such policies…

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