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Pensioning off the Union

Wee Ginger Dug

The Naw Ye Cannae campaign is sending Gordie Broon to Glasgow on Tuesday to lovebomb us. Because sending Gordie to show his neoclassical endogenous growth theory to an invited audience of Labour loyalists and media hacks worked so well for them in Kirkcaldy. It didn’t even work on me, and I’m notoriously unfussy about men who offer lovebombs.

Gordie doesn’t do public meetings, in part at least because there’s a good chance that the public won’t display the required degree of anally-retentive reverence – if the public can even be arsed to turn up. Gordie may, for unexplained and inexplicable reasons, command huge fees for making speeches, but the rest of us are more likely to find a reliable provider of endogenous growth by buying viagra from a website based in China. They’re quite helpful when vaguely creepy looking men offer you a lovebomb in a darkened room. Lots of…

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