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Anagram railway map of Glasgow Yesterday’s appeal for translation help for Solidarity with Scotland produced a fantastic response.  Huge thanks to everyone who offered to help or made suggestions.  It also produced an interesting discussion about Scottish place names.  So here’s a couple of maps of the Glasgow area for your amusement and edification.

You can click on the maps to view the full sized image – but be warned, the file sizes are very large.

First up is a version of the railway map that graces train stations throughout the West of Scotland.  It’s exactly the same as the map produced by the transport authorities, except I’ve replaced all the station names with anagrams.  The things you do late at night when you cannae get to sleep eh?  Have fun trying to work out what they are.  Some of them sound better than the originals (in my opinion anyway).  Getting a single to “Bedsit Regret” sounds quite…

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