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Turning the Tables.

Auld Acquaintance

Way back in 1707, a relatively short time span in Scotlands history, the political union with England was born. This union created the British parliament we have today.
Like any union, this took the agreement of two independent partners to join together.
As a minister I have conducted many such unions or marriages by a different name.
In all of them, as the two parties have entered into union, the assumption has been made that they both by their separate agreement or vows agree to an equal partnership.

Such is how a union is supposed to be, but as we all know, not all unions work out that way. Indeed, many such unions have failed, often because in practice they prove to be unequal, where one has sought to control the other, or where one’s concerns have been ignored and not listened to. These unequal partnerships often prove to be…

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