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Antisocial history

Wee Ginger Dug

Hello world! Welcome to the Commonwealth Games. We’re your hosts, Glesca Labour Cooncil, watch us blow up our city and sell it off to private developers!

Gordon Matheson, leader of Glesca Cooncil’s Committee for Secret Rendevouz in Car Parks and Pretendy Architectural Competitions, thinks demolishing the Red Road flats as a spectacle to celebrate the opening of the Commonwealth games is a great idea, a brave idea, one that highlights Glasgow’s social history. But however batshit insane anyone might think the idea is, Gordie is correct, and the city faithers are only continuing in a long and proud tradition of demolishing the city in the name of supposed regeneration, then crowing about it crassly. Well that and having suspiciously friendly connections to property companies.

It’s Glasgow’s social history. It’s the social history of a Victorian city council that demolished a 15th century university building to make way for a railway…

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