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Is anyone listening any more?  The independence debate is now a fixture in the traditional tale “The Little Chief Executive Who Cried Wolf”.  We got a few more half hearted scare stories today, courtesy of the usual suspects.  The construction of the scares is now so flimsy that you no longer require specialist demolition equipment to raze them to the ground, they fall apart as soon as you prod them with a 10 foot barge pole dipped in disinfectant.  But then shoddy standards are what we’ve come to expect from Westminster.

First up is Archie Norman, the chief executive of ITV.  Erchie has warned that the Scottish Government has no economic plan for an independent Scotland and has called on Scots to vote no.  He may or may not have threatened that he won’t let us watch Corrie if we’re independent, but I’d given up reading his scare by the…

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