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The Cherlie letters

Wee Ginger Dug

Personally I’ve never seen much need for the monarchy.  Vast wealth and landholdings, tax breaks, civil lists, free castles, and all the RAF helicopters you can commandeer seems a bit pricy for a head of state in waiting.  For that sort of expenditure you expect a George Clooney lookalike with the intelligence of Einstein, the wit of Bill Hicks, and the humility of Gandhi.  Instead we’ve got Cherlie Boay.   We’re being seriously shortchanged.

Windsor Junior is a veritable Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells when it comes to writing to politicians.  But unlike the average punter who writes letters of complaint to their MP, Cherlie Boay and his maw have a legal right to be consulted in any matter which affects the interests of the Royles.  They can, and apparently regularly do, “request” changes to be made to forthcoming legislation, which is one reason why the family remains the UK’s biggest benefits…

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