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Taking the Mickey…and the Oil

Taking the Mickey…and the Oil.

Hit and run

Hit and run.

Puerile bile and contemptuous invective

Puerile bile and contemptuous invective.

Time To Grow Up

Time To Grow Up.

Nul points

Nul points.

Nul points

Wee Ginger Dug

Project Fear has got around to delivering a special fearbomb just for Scotland’s gay community, or more specifically, middle aged gay men who find the Eurovision song contest hysterically funny.  Exploding in a shower of sparkly dust and some cast off feather boas came the threat that Scotland won’t be allowed to enter the Eurovision song contest if we become independent.

The rest of Europe will enjoy an evening of expressing historical grievances through the medium of collective camp, but there will be no spangly tartan fabulosity for Scotland set to a dire tune with meaningless lyrics, and we’ll be left with the drab surroundings of a karaoke hymn night at John Mason’s church.   Or if we’re really lucky, indoor bowling from Coatbridge.

The Daily Mail, thrilled that it had finally found a way to piss off gay people, lovers of kitsch, and Scots simultaneously, reported that an independent Scotland would…

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A Culture of Contempt

A Culture of Contempt.

A Culture of Contempt

We Are On Our Own

We Are On Our Own.

We Are On Our Own

Derek Bateman Broadcaster1

It didn’t take Ed Balls long to prove me right . I wrote on Februay 14 that…“by pulling together and stating effectively that retention of the Union supersedes all policy differences is a seminal moment….when they conspire to create individual policy along with the Tories they are getting into bed with the people who are wrecking lives in Britain…why is saving the Union a greater crusade than saving the dignity of the unemployed? Why does the perfectly normal arrangement of a currency deal supersede zero hours contracts and welfare cuts for the disabled? For a socialist what is the motivation to bury all differences with the hard right in order to send a brutal message to the Scots – that we don’t co-operate, we dictate. We don’t negotiate – we assert?”

Today we find Ed claiming that his revulsion at the Liberals’ behaviour in government may preclude joining them in…

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