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ImageScotland has a new governor general, Alistair Carmichael has replaced Hermann Moorester because Westminster wants a bruiser to lead the anti-indy campaign, and David Cameron needs a stand-in for a debate with the Eck.

Davie can’t be seen getting involved in the independence debate, people might think he was Scotland’s Prime Minister or something.

Apparently the tone from Westminster hasn’t been negative enough, and the No vote – the default position – has continued to sag in the polls despite Project Fear’s barrage of lemons for the Scottish media to sook on.  Hermann Moore was negative, but he did it with a sad face and George Osborne thought his heart wasn’t really in it.  Project Fear needs more shouting, smearing, and questions that are only difficult because Westminster refuses to provide an answer to them.

Unfortunately Westminster is forced to select from a small and diminishing gene pool.  The Bullington…

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