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Preserving the Union

Preserving the Union.

The Power of Invisibility

Scottish Independence 2014 Blog

Let’s play a wee game shall we? ‘Odd One Out’, perhaps?

See if you can pick out the news story that doesn’t belong in this list:

Terrorist attack in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya
Men are charged with pinching money from Barclays Bank
The German general election
The murder of an 18yo in Birmingham
Results for the Formula 1 Grand Prix qualifying session in Singapore
The last flight of the RAF’s last two VC10 planes
The nominations for Royal Institute of British Architects ‘Stirling Prize’
A near nuclear incident in the USA in the 1960s
Ed Miliband walked along Brighton beach in a grey jumper
The UKIP annual conference of fascist nutters
A regional vote in northern Sri Lanka
Women’s football result
Men’s football results
David Hay, the boxer, has a cut
The release of the Taliban’s highest ranking prisoner in Pakistan
A march and rally in support of…

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Land O Kilts

Land O Kilts.



Saffron for Yes!

Saffron for Yes!.

Why Willie?

Why Willie?.

Views on Scotland

Views on Scotland.

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