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We live in a country where the people voted to continue to be ruled by a parliament in London.

Okay, the majority wasn’t very large but it gave the parliament in London the green light to “get ahead” and consider that the “Scots” had been put back in their box.

They didn’t figure on the Labour party in Scotland imploding in the way it did.

That parliament in London is a very one sided affair and Scotland only have 59 MP’s sitting in a parliament of 650 MP’s. Right now, 40 of those Scottish MP’s are made up of Labour people. Labour is a UK party and as we’ve seen over the last few days, the Scottish branch of that party is run for the benefit of those who make up the bulk of the party and owe their allegiance to Westminster first before any consideration of Scotland, if…

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Mark Kennedy – Police Spy

Human rights violations are discovered to be commonplace within civic police force. The British State doesn’t care and the practice will continue. Laura Cameron Lewis has a plan.

It’s fair to say that intimacy isn’t something I ever thought I’d be sharing with the police.

I’ve made love with a number of people. I’ve fallen in love a few times, and then once in a big time. Then I gave birth some times. I can say unreservedly that the last of those things on that list was the most intimate and vulnerable thing I’ve ever done.

When I read that a woman had been tricked into bearing the child of an undercover police officer and that she spent 14 hours in the labour ward with him as part of his ‘undercover duties’, it feels like a violation of the most fundamental human trust.  It…

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Spermatazoa and Jim Murphy.

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:

What happens when you call an election and no one comes? Labour looks like it may be about to find out as each of those tipped as future pretendy leader of the pretendy “Scottish Labour” branch office rule themselves out the running. It’s like a PE fitba selection in reverse – oh dear God don’t pick me. None of the dinosaurs want the job because they’re staring extinction in the face as it is, and besides, Ian Davidson has issued a statement saying he’s got to stay in and wash his hair. None of the so-called big hitters want the job because they know they’ll only get hit bigger. None of the young hopefuls want the job because they would like to have a career that lasts longer than a tub of lard held up to a hair dryer. At the rate things are going, we’d end up with Jackie…

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Love’s Labour’s Lost

Love’s Labour’s Lost.

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