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Claque Handed

Claque Handed.

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About a week ago I encouraged anyone looking at this blog to take a wee look at what a claque is.

ParkIf you didn’t see the post or don’t know, here is the definition…

A claque is an organized body of professional applauders in French theatres and opera houses. Members of a claque are called claqueurs.

Many of the Threater Together/No Thanks rallies in recent days seem like they are using this technique.

There seems to be a wall of support surrounding the no people wherever they go now, but as you can see from the photos, that wall, like most things built in modern Britain is paper thin, and you can easily punch through it.

An interesting example of this recently that extends beyonds the simple photo set-ups that the media seem so determined to promote, happened at the Proms In The Park event in Glasgow last…

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The Butterfly Rebellion

The Butterfly Rebellion.

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Soar Alba

By Robin McAlpine

The lairds came to warn us villagers to do as we were told. Then the lords came to warn us villagers to do as we were told. But we were in the fields building a rebellion.

We have now seen, on shaky mobile phone footage, the moment the British Empire finally ended. It ended with two guys on a rickshaw chasing 100 Labour MPs up Buchannan Street playing the Imperial March from Star Wars and informing bemused shoppers that their Imperial Masters Had Arrived. These imperial ‘masters’ have no guns. They rule through deference. Without it they look exactly like what they are; overpaid middle management on a team building away day. (“OK, to get the day started, an icebreaker. Let’s all try and walk up a normal street like we are normal people. No team, not like that. Like NORMAL people.”)

The Daily…

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The Last 5 Days of Britain

The Last 5 Days of Britain.

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10649928_10152475892183300_1020457689273687539_nBy Mike Small

Farage has been to Edinburgh preaching his Golf Club xenophobia.The Orange Order has been here on a charm offensive, pointing to the future. Gordon and Douglas have been ‘pooling and sharing’ and Gorgeous George has been here doing his Secret Milliner act. Cameron has been stretching his sinews. Trusted Nick Clegg has been making solemn promises and Gordon Brown has been explaining his Big Secret Plan (Codename: The Jobby in a Box).

Actually that last bit’s not true, that’s unfair. It’s not called the ‘The Jobby in a Box’ proposal, that would be bad. It’s called an ‘Iron Timetable’, which is a VERY serious name.

They are a formidable team.

Now where were we?

Oh yes Big Food, Big Banking and Big Business are threatening us and it’s being broadcast unfiltered by the state broadcaster WE pay for, on the hour.

The funny thing about  this process is…

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In Defence of Sillars.

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