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You Do Not Exist

You Do Not Exist.

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130531Games-30By Mike Small

You know they are scared now, don’t you? Deeply unsettled. Despite endless proclamations of “I’m a proud Scot but …” the reality of a deep-seated cultural self-hatred is seeping out. Self-hatred amongst the Love Bombs.

As the Commonwealth Games kicks off and the palpable feel-good factor kicks-in, Hamish Macdonell at The Spectator (‘The SNP might not realise it, but in sport, there’s a difference between patriotism and nationalism‘) writes:

“For some English viewers, the coverage from Glasgow 2014 might be more than a bit unsettling”.

Eh? Why’s that? Actually with the bulk of the BBC coverage it seems to have been co-opted and shredded of any political message (the latter probably being a good thing).

The problem, apparently is that “Here we are, just eight weeks from the referendum on Scottish independence and our screens are suddenly going to be filled with kilts, Saltires and…

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The one who cannot be mentioned.

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The One Who Cannot Be Mentioned has mentioned the independence referendum. It’s not that I don’t want Tony Blair to come back, I do, preferably in handcuffs. But he’s come back minus the handcuffs and he’s backing a No vote, like anyone is surprised. Giving a lecture for some think tank in an expensive hotel in London, his speech expressed his fears about what his own party might do, not his fears about what the Tories might do. In Tony’s universe, you must not base your politics on how you want the world to be, Tony thinks that’s delusional. If Keir Hardie and Robert Cunningham Graham had believed that, they’d never have founded the Scottish Labour party in the first place.

For Tony politics is about managing the expectations of the voters downwards. And in this he richly succeeded, our expectations get lower and lower with every passing vote. But…

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Oh look, there’s a unicorn.

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A guest post by Maggie Craig

I’ve known since the date of the referendum was announced that I’m going to vote yes. Faced with the question, “Should Scotland be an independent country?” there is no other possible answer as far as I’m concerned. The Union of 1707 was a forced marriage and while some individual Scots over the centuries since then may have benefited from it, I believe it has done huge damage to our collective self-belief and self-esteem. We’ve always been the junior partner.

One of the great joys of living in early 21st century Scotland is seeing how much that self-belief and self-esteem has and is being reclaimed. One of the great heartbreaks is seeing how many families in this much-vaunted most successful union of all time are dependent on food banks. Then there’s the wasteland or maybe the new shopping malls where our industrial base used…

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Westminster lottery.

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