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europe_on_the_globe_2171By Mike Small

We’re losing democracy. One by one the consequences of a No vote are coming home to roost with extraordinary predictability.

The Smith Commission, pictured in the Scotsman squeezed into what looks like a small glass shed boasts all of the talent of Annabel Goldie and Tavish Scott, alongside the egregious Adam Tomkins who managed to squeeze the most contorted and bizarre nonsense about ‘ethnicity’ into his commentary over the past year.

His blog ‘Notes from North Britain’ (sic) of August 29 railed against the idea that Scotland – with 1% of the population and 60% of the oil / 25% of the renewable resource – would be allowed to stay within the EU.

Tomkins, who nobody elected to sit on a commission to decide our constitutional future, wrote on May 26: “I am of the view that political differences between Scotland and her southern neighbour are much exaggerated…

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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

It’s extremely lucky for David Cameron and the winning NO campaign that the large new oil find off the coast of Scotland announced today was discovered just after the independence referendum.

Because such an announcement could have given the YES campaign a massive boost.

Couldn’t it?

GDF Suez and BP make UK North Sea oil find


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How now Brown’s vow

How now Brown’s vow.

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The road to Hell, blog posts, and post-referendum vows is paved with good intentions. Or at least that holds true for two items on the list, whether there were ever any good intentions in the vow is very much a matter for debate. In fact, it’s debatable whether there ever was a vow in the first place, because it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that it only ever existed in the febrile minds of Gordie and the editor of the Daily Record. More a ciao than a vow then, as it meant we could say goodbye to any hopes of substantive extra powers for Holyrood.

In the Peanuts cartoon strip, there was a recurring gag when Charlie Brown attempted to kick a football, one of those oddly shaped ones like Gordie’s heid, held into place by his friend Lucy. Whenever Charlie Brown went to kick the baw, Lucy…

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Scotland: Victory Next Time!.

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A beautifully lucid Tariq Ali talk on what just happened to Scotland bringing 50 years of experience to the post-referendum political autopsy….

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